There are many online resources form Dharma materials, here are a few that have been useful to us:

The Forest Way

Founded in 1993 by Matthew Flickstein, the Forest Way provides teaching and extended training in the Theravada tradition.  Several Fort Wayne Dharma members are currently studying through The Forest Way.

Deep Spring Center

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Deep Spring is one of the larger Theravadan centers in the Midwest.  Ann Barden, who lead our Spring 2009 retreat is a regular teacher at Deep Spring.

Insight Meditation Society

IMS is a major center for Vipassana mediation on the east coast.  Retreats are held throughout the year.  The website also includes an introduction to meditation.

Spirit Rock

Spirit Rock is an Insight Meditation center just north of San Francisco.

Audio Dharma

This site includes a wide collection of downloadable Dharma talks by Gil Fronsdal and other teachers.  There is even a meditation timer to download or use online.

Access to Insight

Access to Insight includes a large collection of English translations from the Pali canon, one of the first recorded collections of the Buddha’s teachings.

Buddhism Glossary

Provided by Buddha Net, this glossary includes definitions of a wide range of Pali and Sanskrit terms used in Buddhist study.

Buddhist Lists

Provided by Insight Meditation South Bay, this site provides summaries of many of the lists used by the Buddha in his teachings.  Each list is described in a separate document adding background that explains the background and function of each list.